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The 90 Days Kyoto Stay Program

관리자 2023.11.07 16:07

The 90 Days Kyoto Stay Program

The Kyoto Prefectural Government will implement a "90-day long-stay program to attract foreign entrepreneurs, etc." to support their preparation for immigration and relocation, networking for entrepreneurship and business development, and community building in the region.

Attractions of Kyoto Prefecture

Kyoto is a sophisticated historical and cultural city, and an industrial city with a concentration of advanced and traditional technologies, food, and content companies such as video, game, and animation companies. Many world-class companies have been born in Kyoto, and entrepreneurs from around the world have been attracted to Kyoto.

Program Contents

In Kyoto, the startup capital of Japan, we offer you an optimal environment for starting a business and living surrounded by the best of Japanese culture. We provide tailored business and everyday life support to our participants.


- Application for participation: September ~ November 10 2023

- Application documents must be submitted.

- Screening of participants: Mid-November 2023

- Participants are selected Late November 2023

- Preparation period for the stay: Late November ~ Late December 2023

- Start of the program: January ~ end of March 2024

Eligibility for Participation

Application Form(30KB)


Kyoto Prefectural Government


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