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[Focus on Asian Company] Real-time Robotics Vietnam Company Ltd (Machinery / Vietnam)

관리자 2020.08.21 13:59

About Real-Time Robotics

Real-Time Robotics manufactures UAV for applications in public safety, industrial inspections, precision farming, and forestry. Real-Time Robotics team includes experts from each field such as electronics, automation, carbon fiber engineering, mechanical design, software, etc.


Our best skill is the ability to deliver real-time prescription solutions to clients by designing and building in-house the whole system from drone, camera, ground control station to data analytics.

We design structurally sound aerodynamic airframe. We engineer CNC and fabricate sophisticated carbon fiber shapes. We make electronic boards for flight controller, video transmission, smart battery and chargers. We write GCS operating system, auto-tracking and auto-center zoom algorithms, mobile app, and server management software. We develop our own AI data analytics platform.

We do all these to serve one ultimate goal: helping clients solve their problems with real-time prescription solutions.

MECHANICAL DESIGN: We design aerodynamic airframes and integrate payloads

ELECTRONICS DESIGN AND ENGINEERING: We make flight controller boards, data transmission boards, battery management boards, controller boards, battery chargers, GCS power, RTK GPS module, etc.

CNC: We CNC machined all mechanical parts in-house

CARBON FIBER: We fabricate Vian airframe, VianSight camera box in-house

SOFTWARE: We develop our own auto-tracking, auto-center zoom, video compression and transmission, mobile app, server management, flight control, real-time data synchronization

DATA ANALYTICS: We can build AI algorithms to autonomously produce actionable reports as per clients' needs

Flagship Product

RAGAS (Real-time Air Ground Awareness System)

"RAGAS enables every officer with an authorized mobile device see"

flagship product is RAGAS (Real-time Air Ground Awareness System) as a complete plug and play turn-key system. RAGAS can stream multiple videos from drone to mobile devices in real time. It can also streams ground videos from cell phones to ground control station in real time. It can track ID and movement of every ground staff. It can create and sync visual commands and annotation from ground control station to mobile devices.

Aerial visible and thermal videos in less than one-second latency regardless of physical distance

Wearable camera videos carried by ground staff in less than 0.3-second latency regardless of physical distance

IDs and locations of drone and all ground staff in real time

Commands in visuals with annotations and drawings on map in real time

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