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[Focus on Asian Company] Medimaging Integrated Solution Inc., Taiwan

관리자 2021.04.26 17:54

World experts in digital hand-held diagnostic scopes


Medimaging Integrated Solution Inc.(“MiiS”) was founded in Hsinchu Science Park in 2010. Based on a foundation of innovation, MiiS develops digital and portable medical devices. Unlike traditional heavy tabletop devices, MiiS designs and manufactures light, compact and digitalized devices which can capture medical images more easily and faster for telemedicine and screening. In addition to hardware solutions, MiiS also developed a cloud image management system and AI machine learning software. We believe the integrated solution of hardware and software will help realize mobile medicine/telehealth along with the development of wireless system (e.g. 5G) and fundamentally change the medical industry.

The core competence of MiiS is that they provide a total solution of digital medical scope products integrated with a high-quality optical system, real-time imaging processing and high safety following medical certification. Not only inventing innovative products, they also provide creative business models. Generally, medical devices are only sold to hospitals or clinics for doctors’ use. MiiS's easy-to-use products have been deployed broadly in optical shops, hearing centers and care centers for front-line inspection and education. All the innovation and creation of products and business are come from MiiS’s original mission statement – to help as many people as possible.

MiiS has acquired the following certifications:

Main Products

Horus Digital Diagnostic Set <DSC 100>

"Digital Hand-held diagnostic set" is Class-II (ophthalmoscope)/Class-I (otoscope and dermoscope) Medical Device.
It is expected to substitute for the traditional ophthalmoscope, otoscope and dermoscope by the use of the digital photographic solution. This medical device is provided to capture the digital photograph or video of eye-fundus, ear canal and tympanic membrane, epidermis and dermis of skin. Following the global trend of electronic medical records and telehealthcare networks, this people-oriented medical imaging product will be widely applied in doctors’ offices, clinics, skilled nursing facilities and healthcare station.

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Horus Digital Fundus Camera <DEC 200>

Horus DEC200 Non-Mydriatic Digital Handheld Fundus Camera offers high image quality with ISO 10940 fulfillment.
5MP (2592*1944 pixels) and 45 degree FOV of fundus image are captured to provide more details.
7 internal fixation targets for macula center, disk center and peripheral image in DEC 200 optical modules.
Horus DEC200 provides both auto-focus and power-focus function to facilitate image capturing.
Touch LCD Screen and Wi-Fi compatibility are also equipped .
With a special slit lamp jig, Hours DEC 200 can be mounted with slit lamp for desktop application.

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Horus Digital Otoscope <DOC 100>

Easily capture ear canal and tympanic membrane.

Improve quality and efficiency of making the rounds and even reach those in remote areas.

Minimize paperwork with images or videos taken, stored, and processed digitally.

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