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Venture Capital & Startup Conference 2021

관리자 2021.12.15 10:18

Venture Capital & Startup Conference 2021

Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST), Government of Pakistan, is in the process of formulating a National Venture Capital Policy Framework. The framework is intended to improve the enabling environment for Venture Capital investments and Startup financing, alleviate any inadequacies and hurdles in attracting foreign investments, and optimize the overall investment climate of the country by developing and codifying comprehensive policy instruments and systemic interventions.

In order to do this, MoST is inviting all relevant stakeholders from government, VC firms, expats, startups and the industry at large, to draw on their experiences and international best practices, for an inclusive and forward-looking policymaking exercise. You can become a sponsor or outreach partner for the event, participate as member of one of the working groups at the event, or simply attend the event as an audience member to witness and network.

Since the honour of hosting, organizing, and inviting all industry stakeholders has been conferred upon NSTP NUST, I, on behalf of Chief Enabler and Chief Guest, His Excellency Federal Minister MoST, Senator Shibli Faraz, invite you to attend (physical or online) the National Venture Capital Conference 2021 at Jinnah Auditorium, Main Campus H-12, NUST, Islamabad, on 16 th December 2021.

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Formal invitations will be sent upon receiving registration.