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Minister of Science, Research and Technology of Iran visits ISTT

관리자 2022.01.19 10:27

Minister of Science, Research and Technology visits ISTT

The minister of Science, Research and Technology of Iran, Dr. Zolfigol, visited Isfahan Science and Technology Town (ISTT) on the 4th January, 2022.

It was the first time the newly appointed Minister made a visit to ISTT. Dr. Zolfigol briefed about ISTT activities in a meeting attended by ISTT President and the managers of different department of ISTT. Dr. Ghaisari, ISTT President made a presentation about ISTT activities and achievements of ISTT companies. The Minister expressed satisfaction over the Park performance and achievements.

During this visit, the Minister officially inaugurated the newly constructed building for ISTT incubatees named "Andishe 1 Building" where an exhibition of the latest products and technologies developed by a number of companies were showcased to the delegation.

Andishe building covers an area of 3500- in ISTT site.

Dr. Zolfigol and his deputy for Technology and Innovation further unveiled 5 products developed by ISTT companies including two products in instrumentation tools, a product in biomedicine and two pieces of electronic sport equipment.