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Review of the 2nd STPIA Annual Conference

관리자 2022.11.21 17:36

Review of the 2nd STPIA Annual Conference

After the last year's virtual conference, the second annual conference of Iran Association of Science Parks & Innovation Organizations was held in GSTP, Rasht, one of the exciting northern cities.

Rasht is the largest city on Iran's Caspian Sea coast and is located between the coast and the mountains.

This event was held on November 9th & 10th entitle "Innovation Ecosystem, Elements & Procedures". Folks from different particles such as STPs, Universities, Incubators, Areas of Innovation, Funding Agencies, Venture Capitals, Companies and, as well as New Comers attended the venue.

The conference consisted of Lectures, round tables, networking, B2B meeting, and exhibition. However, STPIAs general assembly was hold at the same time.

New board of members (Ali Motamedzadegan, Masoumeh Khan-Ahmadi, Mostafa Karimian Eghbal, Ali Basti, Majid Valadan, Mohammad Sepehr and Hamid Mahdavi) have been selected for next 3 years. Also by the vote of general assembly members, Yazd STP was elected as our next destination for 3rd STPIA annual conference.