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Malaysia's MRANTI stepping up pace to accelerate 5g enterprise innovation

관리자 2023.05.22 11:43

Malaysia's mranti stepping up pace to accelerate 5g enterprise innovation

In driving enterprise 5G adoption forward, the Malaysian Research Accelerator for Technology and Innovation (MRANTI) brought together 20 key stakeholders to discuss pertinent issues, as well as to connect and collaborate on initiatives to progress the design, development and deployment of industry and enterprise 5G innovations in order to raise Malaysia’s competitiveness.

With Malaysia’s ambition to raise its competitiveness and be a regional leader in 5G, new 5G enabled ports, smart hospitals, automated vehicles, smart manufacturing facilities and more must be designed from today, especially as neighbouring countries have already deployed such industry-focussed solutions to market.

As many enterprises fast-track their digitalisation plans, we want to offer the right enabling environment – beyond infrastructure and technologies, for them to realise the full value of 5G,” said Dzuleira Abu Bakar, CEO, MRANTI at a special roundtable discussion held at MRANTI Park today.

With pressures to accelerate innovation whilst inking revenue for new products and services, enterprise 5G implementations must demonstrate positive financial outcomes with confidence – and cross-sector collaborations offer a good way forward.

At MRANTI, we connect innovators, researchers and businesses with resources and capabilities to drive better return on innovation. Beyond the hardware, partners and stakeholders – including telcos, government, corporate innovators, technical experts, academia and civil society – play an important role to incubate andcatalyse innovations for a more enriching data-driven future.”