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HKSTP Launches Robotics Catalysing Centre 2.0 and AI PLUG in A.I.R. Week

엠엑스 2020.03.27 16:25:47

HKSTP Launches Robotics Catalysing Centre 2.0 and AI PLUG in A.I.R. Week

Hong Kong, 20 January 2020 Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) today launched the Robotics Catalysing Centre (RCC) 2.0 and the AI PLUG in the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (A.I.R.) Week event at Science Park.

As the A.I.R. community grows even larger in Hong Kong, the launch of RCC 2.0 and AI PLUG aims to drive co-creation, knowledge transfer and broader market adoption of A.I.R. technologies in various sectors such as logistics, healthcare, construction, retail, food and beverage, and manufacturing.

The RCC 2.0 is part of HKSTP’s latest initiatives in robotics and consists of two main laboratories – FlexLab with its plug-and-play infrastructure, and FabLab with its fabrication equipment and technical support. FlexLab offers flexible working space for users to conduct proof-of-concept trials in a working environment and present live demonstrations of their solutions to potential clients. FabLab assists users who need laboratory services when developing and prototyping robotics solutions, providing a wide range of tools, equipment and materials fabrication services that include metal, plastic and electronics.

RCC 2.0 was built on top of the original RCC 1.0, a facility that supports Park companies working on robotics-related projects, typically at the prototyping and pre-production stages. Since its launch in March 2018, RCC 1.0 has supported more than 10 robotics-related development projects, which included lab automation solutions, an autonomous forklift solution, real-time simulation for car racing, 4D Immersive CAVE and 3D-printed electronics.

To further accelerate R&D of AI solutions, knowledge transfer, technology deployment and encourage business matching, the AI PLUG features four key areas of services – the Tech Shop one-stop support platform, AI Infrastructure, Corporate Innovation and AI Academy. AI PLUG members can seek consultation from Tech Shop partners who are equipped with expertise around hardware prototyping, AI-enabling technologies, sensor technologies, cyber security solutions, legal and compliance services. All tech companies and AI professionals are welcomed to join as members.

Albert Wong, CEO of HKSTP, said, “A.I.R. technologies are increasingly being applied in our everyday life, at work and at play. They open up many new opportunities to disrupt traditional industries, and drive us forward towards an innovation-driven diversified economy. Two research clusters under the InnoHK initiative, AIR@InnoHK and Health@InnoHK, will soon start operations at Science Park and look into groundbreaking R&D for A.I.R. and healthcare. HKSTP has been playing an active role in bringing all the stakeholders in the A.I.R. community together. We believe that our RCC 2.0 and AI PLUG will give a fresh impetus to further R&D and collaborations for A.I.R projects, and eventually even more solutions benefitting various industries in Hong Kong and beyond.”

The A.I.R. Week event features technology showcases, training sessions and workshops on various A.I.R.-related technologies such as cloud, edge and fabrication that enable startups, technology professionals and industry users to experience the A.I.R support services provided by HKSTP.