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Vietnam and South Korea boost cooperation for development of scie-technology

관리자 2022.01.20 09:12:59

Vietnam and South Korea boost cooperation for development of scie-technology

VKBIA and Chungbuk Technopark signed MoU of coordination in promotion, training in combination with

technology transfer, local development cooperation with many specific contents and programs.

On Nov. 26, an Memorandum of Understanding signing event between the Vietnam - Korea Entrepreneurs & Investment Association (VKBIA) and Chungbuk Provincial Technology Park (Chungbuk Technopark) was held online. At the event, the representatives discussed Vietnam - Korea coordination in promotion, training in combination with technology transfer, local development cooperation with many specific contents and programs.

In 2021, the Covid-19 pandemic continue to affected Vietnamese economy heavily. Hence, the global cooperation, trading, science and technology cooperation, and travel activities still face many difficulties. Between the two countries Vietnam and Korea, however, the difficult situation has urges the Vietnam - Korea Business and Investment Association (VKBIA) to organize activities and programs to further promote trade and the relationship between the two countries Vietnam - Korea using technology application.

The importance of Viet - Kor cooperation

Chairman of the Vietnam - Korea Business & Investment Association (VKBIA) Tran Hai Linh, President of Sourthern Vietnam department Duong Quang Phu, other representatives of VKBIA in the South of Vietnam joined Mr. Lee Hyeonse - Director of global cooperation and business development support of Chungbuk Technopark and his team to discuss the importance of Vietnam - Korea cooperation.

The two sides decided to boost scie-technoly ties by implementing the following programs: the process of promoting technology exchange and transfer, supporting experts, supporting vocational training and employment. In addition, the cooperation will promote cultural exchange, education and other related fields between Vietnam and Korea.

Chungbuk Provincial Technology Park (Chungbuk Technopark) is a technology park located in North Chungcheong Province, South Korea. Chungbuk Technopark is a non-profit government organization that plays an important role in the local community and has supported various business programs for small and medium-sized companies in Korea. Chungbuk Techno Park is a regional innovation hub that focuses on industrial development of the entire Chungbuk province, supporting businesses and creating jobs, through collaboration between local industries - academics art research local and national government.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Lee expressed his belief that the cooperation between Chungbuk Technopark and VKBIA will bring an even greater strength to the company. promoting activities to support training, job creation, business incubation and development, and technology transfer between Vietnam and Korea.

"Our experience and team of experts will connect and join hands to promote innovation and application of new technologies in science and technology with Vietnamese organizations," Lee emphasized.

In response, President of VKBIA in the South of Vietnam expressed his hope that the cooperation between VKBIA and Chungbuk Technopark will bring practical effects for the development of science, technology and business. between the parties in connecting Vietnam - Korea in the near future.

Dr. Pham Hai Chien, Chairman of the Vietnam-Korea Experts and Intellectuals Association (VKEIA) emphasized: “Our experts who are well-trained and specialized in many fields in South Korea will be the nucleus for this potential connection. In addition to receiving technology transfer, we hope to be able to support the development of Vietnamese products manufactured based on Vietnam's technology with the help and experience of our partner - Chungbuk Technopark.”

Concluding the closing ceremony, the Chairman of VKBIA said that VKBIA and Chungbuk Technopark have agreed jointly hold more information exchange sessions, subjected to technology transfer and training experts in the near future.

"The next goal is for SMEs in Vietnam to access technology solutions as well as experience in implementing research results into practice from Chungbuk Technopark. At the same time, VKBIA hopes to bring about advantages and potential values ​​ for Vietnamese products when collaborating with South Korea, including joint products with Chungbuk Technopark", the chairman affirmed.