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ASPA Secretariat attended The 1st Asia-Pacific Young Leaders Forum

관리자 2021.11.17 16:38

On 11th ~ 12th November, ASPA Secretariat visited Jeju for attending The 1st Asia-Pacific Young Leaders Forum, Jeju (YLF, Jeju) hosted by Jeju Free International City Development Center (JDC) and organized by East Asia Foundation.

YLF, Jeju is a platform of discussion and creation of consensus on social issues and changes through communication and exchange between the key-holders of the future generation, the Youth, and the mentors, seniors from the current generation.

Leaders, entrepreneurs, activists of various fields from national and international region invited and discussed the main agenda; "The Role of Youth; Sustainable Development and Peace in Asia-Pacific", around the theme: 'Peace', 'Environment', 'Youth and Employment'.

Every session of YLF, Jeju is now being streamed on YLF's official Youtube channel.

ASPA Secretariat would like to congratulate JDC and East Asia Foundation on successful hosting of first YLF in 2021, a global youth forum. Also, we hope the event will be constantly interested!