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The 24th ASPA Annual Conference ended in a success!

관리자 2021.11.18 19:03

The 24th ASPA Annual Conference ended in a success!

Thank you all for joining the 24th ASPA Annual Conference which was held 16th ~ 17th November, 2021 under the theme of Advancing Technological Revolution Through Coopetition.
It was a very successful event full of informative and comprehensive content, and each session provided the participants with how coopetition between organizations will bring healthy competition.
ASPA Secretariat hopes that every participants enjoyed the presentations from the invited speakers, moderators and panelists. Also, we especially would like to express a great appreciation to Malaysian Technology Development Corporation (MTDC), the host of this conference, for their great effort and time to prepare the event.

At the closing of the event,
Jeju Free International City Development Center (JDC), the host of the 2022 ASPA Annual Conference introduced Jeju, a beautiful Island of Korea, and JDC complex. Additionally, it was announced that Teknopark Istanbul was selected as the host organization for the 26th ASPA Annual Conference in 2023.

If you missed out or couldn’t attend the 24th ASPA Annual Conference, click the button below to enjoy the recorded sessions!