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Over 120 companies still have been exhibiting the products at SPIF Metaverse ehxibition!

관리자 2021.11.23 13:18

ASPA Secretariat held SCIENCEPARK INNOFAIR 2021 (SPIF 2021) from 12 to 13 October, 2021.
Online exhibition using Metarverse platform has been presented during the event and will run till October 14, 2022.
Visit the virtual booths of the promising companies in various fields.
Click HERE to visit the Metaverse Exhibition Hall!

**The metaverse platform for SPIF 2021 exhibition is presented in collaboration with DG Entertainment, a leading company in the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) industry in Daegu city, Korea. If you are interested in this platform, please visit official website of DG Entertainment below to contact them.