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HKSTP Celebrates 20 Years of Propelling Success and Innovation

관리자 2022.07.20 14:26

HKSTP Celebrates 20 Years of Propelling Success and Innovation

Science Park Unveils a New Growth Chapter for Hong Kong Powered by 

Central Government’s Support for Hong Kong’s mission to be a global I&T hub

Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) is celebrating its 20th anniversary of propelling success and innovation and is set for a new chapter of growth for Hong Kong powered by the Central Government’s support on Innovation & Technology (I&T), the Greater Bay Area (GBA) and young generation of talent that goes beyond borders.

To mark the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the HKSAR, the city was boosted by President Xi Jin Ping’s recent full endorsement of Hong Kong’s mission to become a global I&T hub. In speaking during his extraordinary visit to the Hong Kong Science Park, he stated how Hong Kong I&T is at the heart of China’s vision to lead a new era of innovation-driven growth.

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, HKSTP was honoured to host Mr. John Lee, Chief Executive of HKSAR, Mr. Tan Tieniu, Deputy Director of LOCPG, Prof. Sun Dong, Secretary for Innovation, Technology and Industry and a cast of Hong Kong’s innovation leaders from today and tomorrow from founders of Hong Kong unicorns, HKSTP startups, to academic and corporate leaders.

Mr John Lee, Chief Executive of the HKSAR, said: “I am very excited to be a guest at the 20th anniversary celebrations of the Hong Kong Science Park. As the first I&T event I have attended since I took office as the Chief Executive, I look forward to meeting and exchanging thoughts with a wider group of R&D and I&T talent here today.”

He continued: “President Xi Jinping visited the Science Park during his recent trip to Hong Kong, touring the laboratory of InnoHK, the flagship I&T initiative of the HKSAR government, and meeting with members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, R&D professionals and young entrepreneurs in Hong Kong. President Xi mentioned that the I&T workforce of Hong Kong is a major factor in China’s development as an innovative country, and that full support for establishing Hong Kong as an international I&T hub is included in the 14th Five-Year-Plan. He has high expectations for Hong Kong and encouraged everyone to contribute towards building our nation into a world leading technology powerhouse. President Xi's speech fully reflects the importance the central government attaches to Hong Kong’s I&T development, providing a significant boost to the city and its I&T ecosystem.”

Dr Sunny Chai, Chairman of HKSTP said: “With staunch support from President Xi, the Central and HKSAR Governments, HKSTP will leverage the unique advantages of Hong Kong with long-term R&D, reindustrialization & advanced manufacturing and talent strategies to support the development of a diverse economy. As Hong Kong celebrates its 25th anniversary of returning to the Motherland, HKSTP strives to fully realise Hong Kong's I&T potential of being a global I&T hub and will encourage young talent to build on our foundations in innovation to write a new chapter for Hong Kong’s I&T ecosystem together.”

Mr Albert Wong, CEO, HKSTP, said: “The visit by President Xi on June 30 was a historic moment for HKSTP. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our innovators, entrepreneurs, industrialists and partners for their hard work making us part of Hong Kong’s history. Monumental is the best description of President Xi’s visit who made it clear that Hong Kong is primed to be the international I&T Hub of China. His words will inspire and embolden our city, and attract I&T talent locally and overseas to our world class innovation and R&D to build Hong Kong into an international I&T hub.”

This will open a new chapter of Hong Kong’s future and ensure Innovation, Technology and Industrialisation will be an important pillar of Hong Kong’s future economy. With the theme of ‘Innovation starts here success beyond borders’, HKSTP’s 20th anniversary is the start of a mission for a new decade of I&T growth. Hong Kong will continue to evolve and elevate its I&T ecosystem to new heights with new infrastructure, world-class R&D, private-public partnerships, unprecedented funding levels and deep-tech capabilities to spark young talent to form a new generation of leaders to propel Hong Kong to new levels of prosperity.