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Market Research in Mongolia 2022

관리자 2022.07.25 15:30

Market Research in Mongolia 2022

In June, ASPA Secretariat firstly conducted , ASPA’s new regional exchange activity. program aims to provide ASPA’s company members with the overseas market trend and the chance to identify any business opportunity through exchange meeting with local companies, field trips, market tour, etc.

From June 26 to 30, 2022, Market Research 2022 team, consisted of four Korean enterprise members of ASPA, visited Mongolia. The field of the four companies were ICT, automotive parts, and machinery.

During the visit, they participated in various programs and even experience the Mongolian culture. Especially, on June 29, the participants took the field trip to ICT companies and the exchange meeting with 15 promising Mongolian companies arranged by National Information Technology Park (NITP), one of ASPA's organization member in Mongolia. With the active cooperation of NITP, Mongolian and Korean participants had a fruitful time sharing practical information such as must-know things and difficulties for foreign companies when starting the business in the domestic markets.

ASPA Secretariat hopes there will be a lot of exchange opportunities between ASPA company members and enterprises in various through the in the future.

Programs of in Mongolia at a glance

<Field Trip to Mongolian manufacturers and automotive parts market tour>

<Exchange Meeting between Mongolian-Korean enterprises at NITP>

<Visit to ICT companies in NITP>

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